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CV Clinic
CV Clinic
Our Price: £25.00

CV Clinic

RCNi’s CV Clinic is an online careers advice service brought to you by a team of nursing recruitment specialists. For just £25 you will receive everything you need to push your CV to the top of the pile and open the door to better opportunities.

What do you get from the CV Clinic?

Submit your CV to the CV Clinic today and you will receive a series of recommendations from our experts on areas such as:

  • Content: Is the information relevant, interesting and coherent
  • Presentation: Is the layout of your CV visually appealing and well-structured?
  • Style: Is the tone of your CV professional and is the language you use appropriate?
  • Accuracy: Are the spelling and grammar consistently correct?
  • Keywords: Does it contain relevant keywords to ensure it is optimised for online use?

Why use the CV Clinic?

The advantage of using the CV Clinic is simple: we are experts in highlighting your key skills and experience, and portraying you in the best possible light. Your CV will be compared to hundreds of other applications, so it needs to stand out in both content and presentation. Our expertise can ensure that your CV achieves this.

Be remembered for the right reasons. Have your CV reviewed today!

If you experience any issues when submitting your CV, please feel welcome to contact us at sam.tyler@rcni.com


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